Where is everything ?


Well we had a busy 2017. 
The lineup changed.
We signed with Panache, a label based out of Paris. They've been a dream to work with.
We recorded a brand new album to celebrate the impending collapse of civilisation.

But before that, we present "Portrait of a Time 2010-2016", a selection of our past music remastered on vinyl & digital out March 30th, 2018. Along with the old videos, we will be releasing a new one as we stumble from our past into an uncertain but sexier future.

PREORDER VINYL: https://bigwax.fr/panache/music/portrait-of-a-time-2010-2016
BANDCAMP: https://panacherecords.bandcamp.com/releases

All the old music will be back soon.

But for now, here's the cover.